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Australia is renowned as one of the most efficient producers of beef cattle in the world and is and its largest exporter of beef. The total value of meat produced from Australia's beef industry is $12 billion. Australia's total national cattle herd is about 28 million head on 80,000 properties. The beef industry represents about 70% of farms with agricultural activity in Australia. The red meat industry employs approximately 200,000 workers in Australia spread across farm, retail and processing.

Australia produced about 2 million tonnes of veal and beef in 2011-12. About one third of all cattle slaughtered in Australia (2.5 million) were grain-fed cattle. The total total farm value in Australia in 2011-12 was about $49 billion, with 16% of that derived from cattle. Queensland is the largest producer of veal and beef in Australia. Australia is the world's 6th largest beef producer (2nd largest exporter) and has about 5% of the world cattle stocks.

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