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Despite Australia being one of the most urbanised countries in the world, with almost 70% of the population living in major cities, the rural and regional communities are thriving. These communities support the farming communities and tourism. Ozfarmnews brings you the latest news from these communities that have a thriving entertainment and community based activities and lifestyles.

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Find out what's going on in your local district by scrolling through the latest news snippets and links derived from the best sources all around Australia. Many Australians that live in the big cities like to travel to the district centers for entertainment, shopping for fresh rural produce, and to participate in regional events such as rural shows and regular events and workshops. The regional centers are more focused on community events and happenings than in the major cities. The summaries are always up top date and the listings are refreshed ever time the page is loaded. So check back frequently for all the latest news and information.

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